At the Calhoun County FairgroundsKathy-Sue was born in Calhoun County and has lived in District 1 for her entire life.  She attended school in the county, raised a family in Battle Creek, and has been involved in numerous local non-profit organizations.  Kathy-Sue has two grown children: Bud (who lives with his wife, Sara, in Battle Creek) and Suzanne (who lives in Los Angeles).  She continues to live and work in the community.

Kathy-Sue has always believed that our local government should be every bit as great as the people who live, visit, and work here.  She hopes to continue to work together with the County Commission and staff to make Calhoun County the preferred place to live, work, and visit.  She considers serving District 1 to be a great honor and is always open to questions and opinions.

Community Service

Kathy-Sue proudly serves on numerous local boards.  Here is a current summary of her involvement:

Kellogg Community College Foundation
Board Chair
Starting July 2014

Summit Pointe
Board of Directors
Starting February 2015

Southwest Michigan First
Board of Directors, Chair of Governmental Affairs
Starting October 2013

Calhoun County Visitors Bureau
Board of Directors, Chair
Starting 2011

Calhoun County Board of Health
Board Member
Starting 2012

Southcentral Michigan Planning Council
Board of Directors
Starting 2013
Board Chair from 2013 to 2015

Southwest Michigan Community Development Corporation
Board of Directors
Starting 2008

Oaklawn Hospital Developmental Board
Board Member
Starting 2005

Goguac Lake Board
Board Member

Women of Impact of Greater Battle Creek
Founding Member, Steering Committee
Starting 2012